The Mysterious Dr. X

The Mysterious Dr. X is a mad scientist dedicated to global harmony. Unfortunately for us, he's convinced that "global harmony" involves his ruling the world! Though typically a moralistic pacifist, X has a tendency to contradict his own judgment with his crazy schemes. He's not really a bad guy, exactly, just terribly misguided. His heart's in the right place, you see... The problem is that there's no telling where his mind's gone off to or if it will ever return!

Dr. X resides in the stately X Manor (no direct satire there! No sirree!) with Nissa --his idiot sister to whom X acts as a sort of father figure-- and Geneveve --a former pet mouse turned humanoid by methods no one is quite sure of. He rarely sleeps due to his fanatic quest for knowledge and acquired addiction to caffiene, resulting in highly erratic moodswings. He speaks in a quite proper British accent though no one's really sure where the heck he's from, and had his name legally changed to "The Mysterious Dr. X." X likes being mysterious, you see. He feels it's quite important for a self-respecting mad scientist.

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