Because You Love Me...?
Pictures of the local lunatics drawn by people other than me! Scary...

send me yer scribbles!

Abe Waranowitz
A new acquaintance of mine, Abe Waranowitz, uses a classic art style like something you'd see in an older comic book or perhaps in a "soap opera" strip, mixed with a wonderfully dry sense of humor.
Abe's Comic, "Spell Check"

The Great Thumb War! Pure melodramatic hilarity! Click here for a scaled-down picture or here for the full-sized one. (Warning, it's HUGE!)

Scott Willetts
Scott is a brilliant cartoonist and a master of funny cartoon violence! But what else would you expect from my evil twin?
Scott's deviantART Gallery

Prof. Fandango vs. Dr. X: Round One! This is why you should never put two mad scientists in the same room as each other!

Nissa vs. Crumbs, my favorite ToonSketch character!

Nissa vs. Crumbs: Round Two! Because Scott hates the original!

Prof. Fandango vs. Dr. X: Round Three! Those boys are always playing too rough!

Prof. Fandango vs. Prof. Misato! I'd explain, but Scott's description is funny enough on it's own!

Brian Bear
Another cartoonist friend with a wonderfully inventive imagination and quirky sense of humor. Also a master of cartoon violence, though sometimes more disturbing than funny...
Brian's deviantART Gallery (contains mature content)

Dr. X and Garadrobe have a pint after kidnapping two videogame icons... So I guess you had to be there. But it was funny to US!

The Mysterious Dr. X stubbornly stares down an elephant.

Another inside joke with Brian and me. Dr. X and Paula land on a desert island and battle to rule it rather than attempt escape!

Dr. X's Birthday

As a dual gift for both my 23rd birthday and Dr. X's comic strip debut, Garadrobe plays his nastiest and most diabolical prank yet! (This is one of the funniest giftarts I've ever received!)

A quickly-scribbled comic concerning the aftermath of Paula and Misato's first encounter.

Nessa Hall
Another artist friend by whom I am frequently astounded. Nessa has an amazing gift to draw in practically any cartoon style you can name, and the poses and expressions of her characters are absolutely beautiful! She's mad as a hatter, though. Just proves my theory that the best artists are crazy! She has a crush on Dr. X for reasons I don't care to discover.
Nessa's deviantART Gallery (contains mature content)

The first Dr. X fanart, if I remember correctly. Nessa befriends Dr. X.

Nessa begins her eerie quest of pursuing Dr. X everywhere and anywhere!

Dr. X drawn in various cartoon styles. I love this picture!

Disney-styled Dr. X! Both creepy and cute! Just like Dr. X! And Nessa!

Nessa gives her hero a big hug. He seems to favor that to her usual kidnapping ploys.

Love hurts.

The stalking continues and grows even creepier...

This is a picture that I requested. Ginny embarasses X during an important speech...

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