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Frequently Asked Questions

For aeons now, the nations of the world have sought after the answers to the world's most profound questions! None of those answers are here. Well, maybe one... Oh anyway, read on, because I'm really getting tired of people asking me things like this!

Q: Who are you, really?
A. What, you didn't believe that swill I threw on the "About" page? I guess people are harder to fool than I thought! I'm Matt Garner: A happily-married, slightly deranged Christian cartoonist with a quirky sense of humor. That's all! Nothing more! All rumors about me are false! ... Well, except that one about Bigfoot, but HE started the fight!

Q. Is Dr. X supposed to be a caricature of yourself?
A. Good heavens, no! Dr. X is just a weird little cartoon character with a weird little family and weird little adversaries. X isn't me, Geneveve isn't Heather. Misato isn't some nasty former girlfriend and Nissa and Steve aren't my little sister and a paranoid cop who thinks I'm evil. Though there is this one guy...

Q. Are you SURE he's not supposed to be you?
A. Quite sure. There's a little bit of myself in him, but every character of mine is a little extension of myself, I think. As well as a little bit of people I know.

Q. So who is most like you in the comic?
A. Persistent, aren't you? I guess you could say I'm a bit of a mixture of Dr. X and Steve the Cop. I'm kind of obsessive and a perfectionist. I really want to help people, but sometimes I end up doing entirely the wrong thing to do so. And I'm pretty opinionated on a lot of things. Still, I like to think I'm not nearly as creepy as Dr. X or unfriendly as Steve!

Q: What is Dr. X's real name?
A. The Mysterious Dr. X. He had it legally changed. Being mysterious is really important to him, apparently.

Q: How old is (insert character's name here)?
A. I haven't the foggiest. Just about everyone in the Mysterious Dr. X is pretty dang mysterious! If you want an estimate, then Nissa is around 17 or 18 years old. Steve is around 20, Geneveve is about 2 (mid-twenties in pet rat years). Misato is older than she seems and X is old enough to know better.

Q: Where are Dr. X and Nissa from?
A. Again, I don't know. He's MYSTERIOUS, get it? Misato's Chinese, though.

Q: Then why does X talk like he's from England?
A. Because mad scientists with foreign accents are funny; and the German accent was too overdone for mad scientists. Anyway, I think it's fun to imagine him sounding like Eric Idle or John Cleese.

Q. What is the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?
A. Forty-two.

Q. Why a comic about a mad scientist?
A. Because I think mad scientists are funny.

Q. Don't you think your humor is too gruesome?
A. No. Especially not after reading the junk most other independent cartoonists write!

Q. You should make a comic about a talking dog who travels through time!
A. That's not a question. And no I shouldn't.

Q. What's wrong with your characters!?
A. Pardon?

Q. I mean why do they all look so weird?
A. Because they're cartoons. They have weird color schemes because it makes them look funnier and cooler, in my opinion. Some of them look a little more like "real" people and some of them don't. They're cartoons and they know it. They're happy with it and so am I.

Q. Why don't you draw anime style?
A. Why don't you bite me?

Q. You're weird:
A. I know you are, but what am I?

Q. How did Geneveve become a... mus sapiens, or whatever she is?
A. Beats me. I don't think it would be funny if we ever found out.

Q. What does "mus sapiens" mean anyway?
A. It's Latin. A combination of the scientific terms for a mouse and a human being. Heather thought of it.

Q. Where did the idea for Dr. X come from?
A. The original idea for Dr. X came from a conversation that Sheril and I had about Professor Misato being a villain in another comic series of mine. Dr. X was to be her lovestruck assistant who repeatedly ruined her plans with his clumsiness. Somewhere along the lines, Nissa was added in as X's mischievous younger sister and took his place as the bumbling assistant, thereby allowing X to gain a little bit of dignity. Then my brother Seth thought it would be funnier if X was the main character, and somehow the story ended up having something to do with X trying to take over the world through fame via being the lead singer and road manager for a music group entitled "Dr. X and His Incredible Knee Machine." Somewhere along the lines, Geneveve was added to the mix and Heather and I realized the story was funnier as a sort of madcap adventure comedy. Misato was brought back into the story as Dr. X's villainous ex-girlfriend, Steve was brought in as a lovable antagonist, and the rest is history! At least, that's the story as best I can remember... Wow, that was boring, wasn't it?

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