Geneveve X

Shortly after Misato left to seek her own goals, X's pet rat Geneveve (or "Ginny" as X and Nissa often call her) was discovered to have inexplicably transformed into a sort of humanoid mouse-girl, or mus sapiens, to use X's term for her newfound species. Nobody has the foggiest idea of how Geneveve became "human." Not X, Nissa, Misato, or even Geneveve. They're also not really all that concerned about it. When you live in a messed-up cartoon world like theirs, sometimes it's best not to ask questions.

As can be expected of someone with the mind of a small rodent, Geneveve is sweet, soft-hearted, friendly, and naive. She is very curious about human culture, but sometimes annoyed with some of the inconveniences of it. Like wearing clothes, for instance. But X says she's supposed to wear them and he always tells the truth, so it must be something important. Geneveve loves X and Nissa deeply and can't understand for the life of her why there are people who don't like them. Especially mean people like Misato.

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