Nissa X

The Mysterious Dr. X's cute little sister obviously got the looks in the family. Too bad she didn't get any of the brains. Nissa's an uncontrollable source of energy, always eager to have fun, usually at someone like Misato's expense! Though she tends to get annoyed with X's nagging and patronizing behavior, Nissa loves her big brother and would do anything for him. Nissa is best friends with Geneveve and practically views her as a sister (though which one is the "older" or "younger" is up for debate). As for Misato... Well, it's probably not best to write Nissa's full opinion of Misato on a family-friendly website.

Nissa's primary obsessions are candy, shopping, candy, boys, candy, cartoons, candy, videogames, and candy. Seriously, though, she's just your average teenage girl with a sugar addiction and access to thermonuclear atomic weaponry. Yes, I know. She scares me, too...

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