Paula and Jeft

The first character to have a guest appearance in the series, Paula, is the creation of cartoonist Brian Bear. A ludicrously out of place model turned mad scientist, Paula suffers from a chronic case of empty-headedness and is assisted by her accident-prone and manic-depressive stick figure sidekick, Jeft... who has a bit of a love/hate obsession with his boss.

In the continuity of the Dr. X universe, Paula went to college and shared a dorm with Prof. Misato. Obsessed with a feminist "girl power" attitude and convinced that X and Misato broke up because of something horrible that X must have done, Paula has made it a point to thwart Dr. X's plans whenever she has the chance simply to defend her "best friend" Misato. She doesn't exactly seem to notice that Misato hates her guts and she doesn't listen when X tells her so. Jeft is aware of the situation, but doesn't really care enough to say anything about it...

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