Steve the Cop

Steve Jones, or "Steve the Cop" as I like to call him, is a brilliant, spirited young rookie police officer with a strong sense of justice and a burning desire to be a hero. To do something BIG! To... arrest the Mysterious Dr. X and Professor Misato and put them both behind bars. He hasn't been on the Force for very long, but already he's gotten annoyed with the lackadaisical attitude that his fellow officers have toward the two mad scientists in their own town and the more they all tell him it's useless to try stopping them, that they'll probably end up killing each other on their own, the more determined Steve is to put a stop to X and Misato's plans.

Though he'd never admit it, Steve somewhat admires X's intelligence and good heart, but it only frustrates him even more that the Mysterious Dr. X can never put his brain to good use. He hates Misato with a passion and isn't quite sure how to feel about Geneveve. She seems nice enough, but she's so creepy... Oh, and Steve openly admits that he finds Nissa (who is rather close to his own age) particularly attractive. A fact which, combined with his obsession with mad scientists, usually has Steve's fellow officers commenting "You're really sick, Steve..."

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