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Here you'll find such things as desktop wallpapers, website banners, fan-work, the legendary long sought-after FAQ, and probably even more than that. So give this page a peek once in a while!

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Dr. X wallpaper with a blue background

800x600  1024x768

Nissa wallpaper with a red background

800x600  1024x768

Geneveve wallpaper with an orange background

800x600  1024x768

Misato wallpaper with a black background

800x600  1024x768

Steve wallpaper with a green background

AIM Icons
just the thing to make your friends on AIM say "what's that ugly thing?"

Miscellaneous Artwork
some vaguely related (or totally un-related) artwork by yours truly

Dr. X vs. Prof. Fandango

Prof. Fandango vs. Dr. X:
Round Two! They do tend to argue a bit...

An early drawing of Dr. X and my first true foray into PhotoShop coloring. He hasn't changed much...

Fancy Meeting You Her--AACK!!!

My brother, Seth, and I run afoul of Brian Bear's twisted little creations Jinxie-Clown and Garadrobe.

Another Garadrobe and Jinxie picture simply because I think they're so darn fun to draw!

A signature image of the Mysterious Dr. X that Heather and I have used for

A Professor Misato signature for Gaia.

A Nissa signature for Gaia.

A Ginny signature for Gaia.

An early "final model" drawing of Geneveve. There were several alternate versions of her, with varying levels of mousey features.

An early drawing of Nissa, when she was less gangly and less green. Cute outfit, though. I don't get to play around with her outfit much in the dailies.

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